कौशलम् विजयते : अर्थात: 'कौशल' की ही जीत होती है
Kaushalam Vijayate : Meaning: 'Skills always Win '

History is full of examples where Man or Women with Right Skills have conquered both Professional and Personal Life scenarios. Right Skills when acquired timely, evolve a man innately. Gamma Skills is founded to serve the purpose of fostering the 'Right skills' in most effective ways.


To develop hands-on skills of ‘Working engineering Professionals’ and Fresh Engineers, on Industry4.0 Technologies, through Competency based Training on world class Industrial Robots & Automation systems, with primary focus on enhancing scope of employability and fulfill manpower requirement of Automation Industry.


Our state-of-the-art lab encompasses advanced Industrial Training systems on technologies like PLC, Industrial Robot, Machine Vision system, Industrial 3-D Printing, IIOT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With hands-on Training on these systems, we garner the advanced Automation Skillsof our Trainees andmake them ready to be an authentic Automation professional.


Advanced Training & Skills

Course Name Objective Deliverable Duration Action
Robotics & Automation & Industry4.0 Specialist Program This course is very helpful for BE/B.Tech/Diploma in Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Mechatronics, Instrumentation streams. The trainees will be trained hands-on on Technical + Human Skills for career opportunities available across all industries including Robotics & Automation, Automotive, FMCG, E-commerce, Electronics manufacturing, Factory automation, Oil & Gas and many more. On successful completion of the Course, the participants will be able to:
  • Automation: What is Automation, why Automation is required, how Automation is done in Industry
  • Elements of Industrial Automation projects: Machine Controls, PLC, HMI, Industrial Communication, Sensors, Actuators, VFD, PID and much more
  • Integrate and interface Machine Control - PLCs with other elements including Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Systems
  • PLC Programming, HMI Development
  • Conceptualize, configure, Program and prove-out Industrial Automation 'use case' Project Industrial Robotics: What is an Industrial Robot, where Robots are required, how robots are put to use in Industry
  • Anatomy, Installation, Commissioning & Application of 6 Axis Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robots
  • Integrate and Program Industrial Robot cell for Vision based inspection and material handling Application along with Conveyor
  • Prepare, Program and prove-out Robotics 'use case' Project IIoT/ Industry4.0: What exactly is Industry4.0, how to commission an Industry4.0 system
  • Elements of Industrial IOT System
  • Commissioning of an Industrial Machine Monitoring System
  • Capturing data from a working automated cell and generate automated reports via cloud based software
30 working days Max batch size: 20

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Industry 4.0

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised an Industry Interactive Webinar on “Atmanirbhar Bharat amid Industry 4.0


According to a World Bank research in 2016 “Automation threatens 69% of the jobs in India.” Today, we are living in a world where machines are also learning!


Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt. Ltd., acronym ‘GSAT’, is an Industry 4.0 ‘Skills Development Centre’.