Why Gamma

Why Gamma

Why Learn with Gamma Skills?

We are living in an era of 4th Industrial Revolution. Today, Technologies are disrupting marketplaces around us on daily basis. The global pandemic, recession, migrant labor crisis, looming war... all are acting as fuel and pushing companies towards more and more Automation. The Industry4.0 technologies are making Automation and Robotics systems yield never seen before results. For an example the management has now got full first hand clarity on OPE (Overall Production Effectiveness), OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), utilization of machines, breakdown time, idle time, changeover time and much more. With this entire information the management can now directly make quicker decisions to improve business profits. See! these advantages are too good to resist. Hence Automation and Robots installation is increasing everyday, everywhere.

Despite all these benefits of Automation & Robots, Human, still is the most critical element for businesses. Automation can not completely replace human manpower, we call jobs, Because even Robots need human assistance to yield the best results.

But the challenge is 'Human' now has to be Rightly skilled with Robot, Automation and other Industry4.0 Skills.

That is exactly where we, Gamma Skills will help you

We study, research and create all our courses exactly as per industry requirement.

Our each courses' deliverable is to induce certain specific Technical and Behavioral skills.

We have world leading Industrial Systems at our lab, so that you learn 'hands-on' on the best and market leader equipment.

For all our courses, in addition to our own highly experienced faculty, we invite Industrial Technical experts of that technology to ensure that you learn right from the best experts. Experts will share their own field experience and you can implement your learning immediately.

We have partnered with many Robotics and Automation Industry Companies for Technical knowledge sharing. Our Aim is to collaboratively bring the best Learning for you.

We follow a training plan based on Experiential learning and run our program on Design Thinking methodology. Our focus is to ensure that you learn first hand while solving problems.

For the benefits of our trainees who are looking for jobs, we provide placement support.

Our sister concern 'Automation Talent India' is a dedicated Specialized Recruitment Services company for Engineering and Automation professionals.