Gamma Skills Automation Training Pvt Ltd, acronym ‘GSAT’, is an Industry 4.0 ‘Skills Development Centre’. The company trains, upskills and certifies ‘Engineering Professionals’ as well as ‘Fresh Engineers’ on Advance Industrial Automation Systems & Technologies like PLC, Electro- Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Industrial Robotic Systems, Machine Vision, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Industrial IoT and Industrial Application of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

GSAT specializes in hands-on skill development of working professionals as well as fresh engineers to enable them to be ready to serve in the real-life Industrial automation scenario as per the exact industry requirement.

GSAT’s training programs are designed based on exact industry requirements, delivered in its own state-of-the-art lab equipped with best in class technology. The company regularly engages industry experts from respective domains to help participants learn from the best.

GSAT’s mission is ‘To develop hands-on skills of working engineering professionals and fresh engineers’, on Industry4.0 Technologies, through competency-based training on world-class Industrial Robots, Automation systems and other 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies with a primary focus on enhancing the scope of employability and fulfill manpower requirement of Automation Industry.

The Industry Leader

Mr. Mayank Yadav is the Founder of GSAT. He has got a unique combination of skills, experience and educational background which led to the creation of ‘GSAT’. He holds Engineering degree IT & is an expert in Tech Marketing.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Mayank has worked with a world leading tech companies in India, and got exposure to world-class Industrial Automation & Robots, worked hands-on in Learning & Development and social tech engagement across hierarchy and all India locations.

With this experience, Ravinder started his entrepreneurial journey to serve the needs of Industry4.0 in India.

Redefining Scope of Industry-Based Skills

He says most of us have come across reports about the ‘employability’ of engineers in India. At the same time when we ask any employer in any industry, most of them have open vacancies which they find very difficult to fill. When it comes to Industrial Automation, the challenge is even higher. There is a severe shortage of rightly skilled Automation professionals in India. In the case of Industrial Robots, there are only a handful of skilled professionals. This scenario, the lack of talented and skilled manpower makes it a need for companies to go for automation on their shop floor. Most of the machine manufacturers as well as end-users in India are already implementing Industrial IIoT.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, there is a severe dearth of apt ‘Skill Development Centres’ to fulfill the industry needs. This is the purpose Gamma Skills Automation Training (GSAT) is bound to serve.

Delivering Innovation through AI and Automation

He believes one perspective to 4th industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies is ‘unlimited scope’ for their application. The 4IR technologies are being applied everywhere such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurant, Logistics, etc. Manufacturing as compared to other industries has much more scope as the repetitive and well-established processes are more. Mankind is determined to improve the quality of life. So, companies will always continue to put machines in all the places and processes which are hazardous, laborious or repetitive. Even more, ML & AI is getting applied in never before imagined scenarios and we are right now witnessing the application of AI in controlling COVID-19 outbreak.

GSAT is a platform where we provide an opportunity for all professionals to learn industrial application of Industry 4.0 Technologies. E.g. There are about 40,000 industrial robots installed in India and in 2018 the Robots installation in India grew at 39% Now in the current scenario the scope for application is widening but there are a very few professionals who can execute a Machine Vision enabled Robotic application. There are many challenges in machine vision and when we add AI + Machine learning capabilities to a Robotic Machine Vision Application system the productivity increases multifold because the error rate comes down steeply. GSAT will be conducting this kind of special Training courses for the professionals.

Adding Value with Unique Business Competency

GSAT is a service company focusing on hands-on skill development. As a part of its philosophy, the company is determined to deliver via:

  • Focus on exact Industrial Application of Industry4.0 Technologies like Industrial Robots, Machine Vision, IIoT, 3D Printing, Industrial Automation with integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for industrial applications
  • Unique Experiential Learning programs to ensure maximum learning output
  • Association to top Automation Industry body for skill evaluation and certification

Also, GSAT is recognized by the Government of India. The company is a pioneer in Industry4.0 skill development in India.

The Future of Automation

He feels Indian industries and manpower both are not yet prepared to imbibe what exactly Industry3.0 technologies (Automation, Robots) had to offer already. But industry4.0 tech delivers unprecedented value to businesses and for the many benefits and problems that it solves, the rate of adoption of Industry4.0 tech is phenomenal. Indian Industrial automation industry is about $2 billion as of now; but it is projected to be about $7 billionn by 2030, which is more than 3 times the current industry size. Industrial Robots installation in India has grown at a rate of 39% in 2018. In this era, the biggest challenge that we can foresee is the readiness of manpower.

According to a World Bank research in 2016 “Automation threatens 69 percent of the jobs in India, while 77 percent in China, technology could fundamentally disrupt the pattern of the traditional economic path in developing countries.”

The challenge is daunting, manpower across sectors have to embrace Automation wholeheartedly. The Indian government, in January 2020, has joined World Economic Forum’s Reskilling Revolution as a founding member.

“Everyone in India now has to do his part by reskilling himself to be prepared to face this era of Industry4.0: Talent vs Automation”.